Fund A Child

For each child in the Pacekids Early Childhood Services (ECS) Program, there is a funding shortfall of $1000, totaling over $130,000 across both Pacekids ECS programs. In order to address this shortfall, a new program has been created. Fund A Child is an annual giving program raising awareness of this funding shortfall, providing the opportunity for individuals, groups and corporations to support this specific need.

Each funder in the Fund A Child program will receive a monthly update on the progress of a spokeschild in the program. Updates could include stories, letters from a spokeschild’s support system, photos, video clips, holiday cards and children’s artwork.

If you believe that each child should have access to every resource, strategy and opportunity available to ensure their success join us; register to Fund A Child today and help Pacekids change lives.

To learn more about the Fund A Child Program contact: