Infant + Family Support

A program for children aged six months to three years.

Early intervention is key to helping children reach their full potential. The Infant & Family Support Program is a Family Support for Children with Disabilities (FSCD) funded program. In addition to the support of a Generalist, who consults with the family to develop goals and gives guidance on strategies, and a Child & Family Development Aide, who attends sessions in the home up-to five days a week, this program includes participation in a weekly centre-based group.  The weekly group sessions provide a great opportunity to engage with other parents, gives children the opportunity to develop social skills and helps introduce the skills needed for preschool/ECS programming.

Purpose of Program
The purpose of this program is to help children develop and succeed in the areas of:

  • Behaviour management and regulation
  • Communication
  • Social interactions
  • Cognition
  • Motor development
  • Mobility
  • Functional living skills

Pacekids Infant & Family Support Program is delivered through a one-on-one in home support by a Child & Family Development Aide in conjunction with a centre-based program.

Pacekids takes a family-centred approach to our services by supporting both the development of the child, as well as the functioning and development of the family unit. This means the Aide and Generalist are working with the child to target the goals identified by parents, explaining the strategies they are using, and also helping to ensure parents are getting their questions answered. Goals can be trageted to help the children both in the home environment and community environments (i.e. grocery stores, libraries, places of worship, etc.). Pacekids’ delivery model includes flexibility to adjust programming to meet the specific needs of each child and family. More information about our FSCD delivery model can be found here. 

The centre-based programming provides families the opportunity to network with other families, trial and explore equipment and materials that are not readily available in the community, expose their children to the preschool environments and introductory preschool expectations (for example: circle times, gym time, centres) and experience the support of music therapy.

For additional information, to book a tour or register for a program, please contact us.