Private Assessment + Therapy

Providing families the opportunity for accelerated early intervention.

Dedicated to providing new and current Pacekids families access to immediate private assessment and direct therapy options for special needs children, Pacekids’ PAT team offers a full range of assessment and therapy services. Pacekids’ PAT therapists are pediatric experts who are experienced in working with families and children impacted by special needs.

Pacekids PAT team offers a comprehensive offering of assessments and direct therapy including Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Counseling and Speech-Language Pathology.

Please note:  If you are looking for therapists in relation to your FSCD contract, please contact our Intake Coordinator at or 403-234-7876 ext. 181

Speech-Language Pathologist: Speech-Language Pathologist are specialists who assess for and treat the following communication difficulties; speech-sound errors, language comprehension, sentence structure, stuttering, voice disorders and non-verbal communication.

Occupational Therapist: Occupational Therapists are specialists who target activities of daily living; areas that they assess and treat include fine motor, hand writing, sensory processing, self-care skills, self regulation and feeding.

Physiotherapist: Physiotherapist are specialists who work with movement and assess and treat gross motor skills (running, jumping, ball skills), balance and stability and the coordination of different muscles for different activities.

Counselling: Counselling would be appropriate for children and youth with “typical” development, and with various special needs, such as, Autism Spectrum Disorders and other developmental disorders. Counselling areas include: Play skills, social skills and peer interaction, behaviour problems, anxiety, emotional development and regulation, parent and child conflict, and parenting support and consultation.  This counselling service provides psychological support for children and youth, ages 3-14 years old, and their parents.

Psycho-Educational Assessments: Psychologists are specialists who assess an individual’s intellectual ability, achievement levels, social/emotional and behavioural functioning through standardized tests. This is refereed to as a psycho-educational assessment. A psycho-educational assessment can be completed with children and adolescents (aged 6+) to help identify strengths as well as underlying challanges (e.g. ADHD, Learning Disabilities and any associated disorders).

Pacekids PAT team fees apply and are in line with recommended fee schedules of professional associations where applicable. Private health insurance or FSCD funding for children may cover service fees. More information on individual fees can be provided by therapists once the specific services needed are determined.

For additional information, contact us at or call 403.234.7876 ext 124.