Questions & Answers

Some of the most common questions from Pacekids’ parents are provided here, along with answers.

If you have a question that isn’t answered here, please contact us or call our office at 403-234-7876.

Why choose Pacekids PUF Program?
  • IPP programs designed specifically for your child’s individual needs
  • Pacekids team of experienced therapists
  • Support for learning includes special needs programming, behavior and vision consultation
  • Trained child assistants, working one-on-one with your child
  • Transportation assistance to parents
  • Transportation alternatives for children
  • Equipment and services provided according to your child’s needs
  • Access to needed equipment through AADL or through loan/grant program
  • Transition planning when your child is ready for Grade 1
  • Incorporates centre, home and community components
  • Swim program
  • In-service training for parents and assistants year-round
Why choose Pacekids Family Support Program?
  • Provides support to families
  • A great chance to meet other parents
  • Run by qualified staff and therapists
  • Incorporates a home program with a centre component once a week
  • Centre component provides parents and aids with ideas/activities to work on with their child
  • One-on-one aide that works with each child
  • Runs all year
Why choose Pacekids Aide Supports Program or Specialized Services?
  • Approved provider of Aide Support Services & Specialized Services
  • We will match you with a qualified and experienced aide
  • We provide Aide Supports for all 4 categories – developmental, behavioural, community & personal care
  • Program tailored to your child’s needs
  • Experienced therapy team (occupational therapist, physiotherapist, speech language pathologist and psychologist)
  • Direct therapy intervention model
  • Provide supervision and training for all aides
  • Direct billing to Family Support for Children with Disabilities (FSCD)
  • Experienced Aide Supervisors that support the program[/dt_sc_toggle]
How does a child qualify to attend Pacekids?

Each program at Pacekids has different qualifications. Check with Pacekids to see if your child meets the criteria.

What are the costs of my child attending Pacekids? Is there tuition?

If your child meets the entrance qualification for the program you are enrolling him/her in, there is only a registration fee of $40. For private services or programs not covered by a government agency, we will charge a fee-for-service tuition.

What makes Pacekids better for my child than other facilities or programs?

Our programs are family and child focused. An aide will be assigned to work with your child. For most children that is one-on-one assistance! You will be amazed what a difference this one-on-one makes. You will also have access to the therapy team and be supported by caring individuals who are truly focused on your child’s potential and developmental growth.

Who operates Pacekids?

Pacekids has a volunteer Board of Directors who meets monthly to discuss the strategic growth of the organization and set Board Governance. The day to day management of Pacekids falls to the responsibility of the Executive Director.

Do you have qualified staff? Who are your staff?

Pacekids employs an interdisciplinary team approach of highly trained staff comprising of certified therapists (occupational therapist, physiotherapist, speech language pathologist and psychologist) and a certified special education teacher who all have a background in pediatrics. This team is supported by other qualified staff such as behavioural strategists, aide supervisors, program managers, and qualified and experienced aides. Furthermore, Professional Development Funds are provided to help all staff stay current in their areas of expertise.

Does Pacekids teach Alberta curriculum?

Yes, our Preschool and Kindergarten classes follow the Alberta curriculum set by Alberta Education. We are an approved ECS provider of these services.

What are your class sizes?

All Pacekids’ classes are small with no more than 6-8 kids per group.

Can I get any assistance with transportation to and from your facility?

Yes, if your child is enrolled in the Preschool/Kindergarten program.