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Pacekids PUF Programming

Preparing to send a child to school for the first time is a crucial milestone for a parent. And the decision of where to attend school is important. This is especially the case for children with special needs requiring specialized intervention services. At Pacekids, we have teams across two schools in Calgary that are here to support and guide you through this milestone. With Pacekids PUF programming, children in the Calgary area can access our Early Childhood Services (ECS) Preschool and Kindergarten program. This program is offered to families who qualify for Alberta Education’s Program Unit Funding or “PUF”, which is education-focused funding for Alberta children between the ages of 2 years-and-8-months and 6 years. To learn more about how PUF works, check out our past blog post! 

Pacekids ECS Program 

ECS learning at Pacekids is play-based programming. It is designed for children to engage, communicate, and play with other children their age. Children learn important developmental skills while being supported by our incredible teams of teaching staff, therapists, and aides, who are all invested in each child’s ability to thrive. Our program is split into two half-day sessions 

  • A multi-disciplinary morning class serving children who have multiple areas of need 
  • A speech and language enhancement (SLE) afternoon program for children who require support with language development, and benefit from a language rich, socially motivating environment 

Each of these half-day sessions are designed with the needs of the children in mind. The two offerings allow our specialized teams to appropriately spend time giving children access to needed resources. Your child will receive an initial evaluation by our team, which along with the Alberta Education guidelines will allow us to make the best placement decision for your child. 

Learning in a Pacekids classroom

Why Choose Pacekids 

There are many choices in the Calgary area when it comes to early childhood education. We encourage families to explore the options available to them to make a well-informed decision. Pacekids offers over 25 years of experience serving children with special needs, and we have created programming that allows children to thrive in a way we are extremely proud of. Our play-based ECS program has been created and is supported by experts in the fields of: 

  • Education 
  • Physiotherapy 
  • Speech Pathology 
  • Occupational Therapy 
  • Behaviour Strategy 

Our outstanding teachers, therapists, and aides work hard to create the best learning environments to support our Pacekids children. Small class sizes and low child-to-aide ratios are an example of how we are best suited to meet the needs of your child. To learn more about who we are and what makes us an excellent choice for educating your child, we encourage you to read about our history. 

Pacekids ECS Registration 

We understand that the decision to choose your child’s first school experience is not a simple one. There is a lot of information to digest, and we are here to support you. If you are interested in learning more about Pacekids PUF programming, please fill out our Registration Inquiry Form. We would love to book a tour for you and answer your questions!

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