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Will for Riding Foundation Generously Supports Pacekids’ Transportation Program

What is the Will for Riding Foundation?

The Will for Riding Foundation was established in 2013 to provide therapeutic horseback riding sessions to children with physical, mental, and sensory disabilities ages 3-18 years old. In December 2019, Shelley Hilderman, the Founder & President of Will for Riding passed away. Even though the organization has now dissolved, Shelley and her legacy continue to impact the Calgary community.

Pacekids had the privilege of serving Shelley’s son, William, who was the driving force behind the creation of the Foundation. William was in the Pacekids’ ECS Program. Pacekids is honoured to be chosen as the recipient of these funds.

How did they support Pacekids?

The Will for Riding Foundation has generously supported Pacekids transportation program by providing over $60,000 in funds.

How does that impact Pacekids?

Each year, over 75% of children who access Pacekids’ ECS programs utilize transportation services.

Through this highly valued service, Pacekids can accommodate each family’s unique needs, and pick children up from various locations across Calgary including family homes, daycares etc. The Transportation Program helps remove barriers for families across Calgary and ensures that children have access to the critical early intervention services they need.

This incredible donation will have a direct impact on the over 190 children who rely on this service to access early intervention programming annually!

Thank you, Will for Riding Foundation for your generous support!

Pacekids Programs is a charitable organization that strives to empower children with special needs and their families through excellence in therapy and education. Operating for over 25 years and funded through Program Unit Funding (PUF) from Alberta Education, & Family Support for Children with Disabilities (FSCD), Pacekids serves children with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Global Developmental Delay, Down Syndrome, Speech & Language delays, and more through a variety of programs in the Calgary area.

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